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Diego Ernesto Horna Muñoz
Consultant II
B.S Mechanical Engineering – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú
1. For how long have you worked at INSIDEO?
I started on April 2011.
2. What are your areas of expertise?
I work on using computational tools to evaluate impact on physical environments, especially using atmospheric dispersion models. My main professional interest lies on using tools to evaluate the environmental and social impact of an initiative on a given context. I believe that by being able to evaluate the influence of our actions in the most confident way, we will be able to make better decisions and, hence, contribute to society's development as a whole.
3. What do you like most about working at INSIDEO?
I like everything about INSIDEO; from being able to work with people I consider my friends, to the fact that everyone is very talented and contributes with well-backed up opinions.
4. What do you remember about your first day at INSIDEO?
I remember the excitement of being part of the beginning of INSIDEO, the aim to make everything perfect, the desire of trying my best and enjoying work with friends.
5. What has been your hardest day at work so far?
I don't consider I´ve had a "hardest day". Even though there have been days with greater challenges, the motivation has always been greater, being supported by colleagues committed to their work.
6. Why did you study Mechanical Engineering?
I have always been very curious and decided I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering because I wanted to understand how everything around me worked.
7. What advice would you give to someone who just graduated in Mech. Eng? Engineering?
Knowing why you want to do something is more important than knowing what you want to do.
8. What is your main motivation?
Being part of the people that are constantly creating a positive change in society, every time in greater magnitude.
9. What do you like to do when you leave the office?
I like swimming, the feeling of moving on when you are tired or you think you can't keep going and you make it to the finish line is unbelievable.
10. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself as a much more mature person, taking part in investment projects that generate positive changes in society and collaborating in decision-making processes in different areas.
11. Three words that define yourself/Three words that define INSIDEO.
Myself: Capable, smart, critical.
INSIDEO:Committed, entrepreneurial, motivated.